Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra Review

Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra Review

The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra is a community of ukulele enthusiasts who meet regularly to play and teach others how to play. 

They have featured radio stations such as Radio New Zealand National, TV One’s Good Morning Show, and The Crowd Goes Wild on Sky Sports. They have also had some international success with performances in Mexico and Taiwan with their DIY ukulele kit.

This Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra review will explore some of the authentic reviews from audiences when watching or hearing this Wellington band playing. Let’s find out!

Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra Review #1

“I will gladly commend this orchestra’s efforts with youngsters; the performances, seminars, and the free events in school and town for everyone to enjoy. It’s a fantastic way to listen to music. 

I’ve been requested to evaluate a CD – five tracks. Unfortunately, neither these po-faced nor faux-earnest covers make for pleasant listening. 

However, all players seem to have taken to heart the idea that this is a band of amateurs having fun, which is fantastic, especially given the free concerts and community involvement. 

It takes a lot of effort to listen to the songs on this CD since the singers cannot carry a tune. Furthermore, the majority of their instruments are poorly performed. 

In addition, there is a pitch issue when everything is out of tune at the same time. And we don’t want to listen to Toto’s rendition of Africa, let alone a bad cover.

I’m starting to forget this merry band that attempted a Prince song, but I’ll mention the song “I could never take the place of your man” here. In this situation, “your man” most certainly refers to someone who can sing & play instruments correctly!”

Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra Review #2

“The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra is an unusual group playing music from all around the world. 

We were at their last show before when they were covering Joy Division songs. They came to the place Wunderbar and played a cover of “She’s Lost Control” at midnight. One member even came dressed as a bear!

WIUO is a fantastic band, so you can always count on beautiful clothes, Age Pryor’s ukulele solos, Gemma Gracewood’s beautiful vocals, and plenty of instrument shifting.

WIUO also sings songs from other artists and covers songs in their way. Some famous covers include “Afternoon delight” and their boisterous rendition of “50 ways to leave your lover”.

But there is always the possibility of a surprise. Last night, the crowd was treated to Lorde’s “team” cover, which began with spine-tingling vocals and progressed from that. Unforgettable!

The ukulele built-in David Kilgour of “today is gonna be mine” filled Lake Wanaka center. But it was the Monkees’ famous song “daydream believer” that had us dancing all night, which was our absolute favorite surprise. 

Hearing them sing about wanting more is unique!” We really enjoyed their reworked version!”

Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra Review #3

Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra Review #3

“The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra is a members-only orchestra with origins in New Zealand pop music. They keep with tradition by performing some of your favorite melodies from all around the world. They are also recognized for their classic classics!

There are a few tracks on this album that I think you will enjoy. The first song is called “This charming man” and has some posturing from Morrissey, making everyone smile. Another one was called “Road to nowhere”, and it had perfect harmonies from the band’s female voices.

The in-between-song banter is good. It’s enjoyable so it’s not too hard for people to listen to. There’s also some clever use of simple lighting and props from Bonnie Tyler’s song, “It’s a heartache”.

In the show, we see some folks dance in Hawaiian style. Later, there is more rowdy and comedic shaking with Outkast’s “Hey ya!”. It sounds like the type of twee ukulele playing that has been happening lately.

Some would argue that rock covers are just too challenging to listen to. However, we love the anger and edginess of rocky songs such as ’50 ways to leave your lover’ because it is an entertaining form of music. 

It is never dull like sweet music! At that moment, one lady said, “very nice,” and we agreed with her.”

Final Thoughts

We hope that our Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra review helped you understand what it is and how good they are. Even though there are some bad reviews, no one can deny that WIUO is a great ukulele band!  

They are an incredible collection of musicians. Hence offers a one-of-a-kind experience for people searching for something different than a traditional classical orchestra event.

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