Top 10+ Famous Alto Singers Of All Time

famous alto singers

The term “alto singers” defines the singer whose vocal range is between F3 and F5, which is the lowest type of female voice. In modern music with many technologies and digital tools, it is hard to find real singers with alto singing skills.

Notably, it is rare to see in women because the vocal range is harder to achieve rather than men. But it is not impossible! There are top 10+ famous female alto singers you should know if you want to see how a real singer is!

Famous Female Alto Singers in the World

Anita Baker

One of the most famous alto R&B singers we cannot ignore is Anita Baker. If you are a fan of R&B, you probably already know the songs “Sweet love,” Giving you the best that I got, Rapture, which is performed by Baker.

Anita Baker

One of the names was called in Michigan Rock and Roll Legends Hall of Fame in 2013  was Anita Baker. People admire Baker because of her 3-octave voice.

Even at that vocal range, it seems that she sings effortlessly. Hence, it is not surprising when Baker won many famous awards: 1 BET Award, 8 Grammy Awards, and 4 American Music Awards.


Cher has the actual name of Cherilyn Sarkisian, born on May 20th, 1946. She is well- known for her distinctive contralto voice and versatility in many fields of entertainment, which helped her to be honored as “Goddess” of pop music.”

Cher became famous in 1965 when starting the “Sonny & Cher” band with her husband. After divorcing Sonny Bono in 1975, Cher released a disco-style album “Take Me Home” and grossed the US $ 300,000 a week during the 1980 – 1982 in Las Vegas.

Annie Lennox

Annie Lennox is a Scottish singer and composer. She became famous when joining in the popular The Tourists band in the 1970s.

Annie Lennox

Lennox has a vocal range from G2 to C6, it helps her keep the high notes for long periods. Moreover, Lennox’s operatic voice can convince the most fastidious listeners.

Oleta Adams

Adams was born into a religious family and grown-up by gospel music. Her father was a preacher, so her first performances were in the church. That was the begin of the alto style in her.

However, to become famous as now, Adams came over many failures and rejection in her career because, at that time, her style was not preferred as much as disco music.

Then she had to find her market in Kansas City. Here she released the first albums and became nominated for the Grammy Awards.


Sade or Sade Adu was born in 1959 in Nigeria but brought up in England because her parents emigrated. In the 1980s, her album Diamond Life was one of the best selling albums, so she became famous from then.

In 1985, her album Promise was ranked in the Billboard 200 in the UK. Although Sade took a two-year break in the early 2000s, she came back to singing during 2010.

Toni Braxton

Why we can say we do not know Toni Braxton when we learned by heart the song Unbreak my heart? Yes, the singer performed this classic hit is Braxton.

She was very famous in the 1990s. Especially, at that time, her singles “Another sad love song and Breathe again” was always at the top of Billboard 200.

Gladys Knight

Gladys Knight was a very talent not only in music but also in business, and movie. Joining in the band Gladys Knight & the Pips, she became famous in the middle of the 1960s.

They even dominated the Billboard 100 two times. If you are a fan of R&B, you cannot ignore her most popular song Midnight Train to Georgia.

Tina Turner

The real name of Tina Turner is Anna Mae Bullock. She is an American singer with the nickname “Queen of Rock’n’Roll.” From the first time singing with Ike Turner, she became famous.

After that, she began her solo singing career with many smashing hits, which were sold over 200 million records in the world.

Tina Turner


Brandy Norwood was born in a family with several singers. So, she always dreamed of becoming a famous singer. The hit Brandy album was sold over 6 million copies led her success in 1994.

Her voice has a fantastic range between G2-E6, which is rare to find in any other singers.

Chaka Khan

Do you know the Queen of Funk? Her real name is Yvette Marie Stevens, and people often call her Chaka Khan.

People called her name during the 1970s when Khan and her band, Rufus became famous all over the world. In her career, she got great achievements when collecting over 70 million records revenue and winning 10 Grammy awards.

Patsy Cline

Patsy Cline was one of the most famous iconic contralto singers during the early 1960s in country music. She followed the music style that combines country music with pop music. However, Patsy Cline died in an airplane accident in 1963.


In summary, for all the most famous alto singers above, we realize one thing that they are fairly old. It seems to be difficult to find such talented singers in alto style now. But luckily, they gave us the most wonderful performances of all time and we will cherish forever.

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