Best Children’s Christmas Musicals Ever

children's christmas musicals

For kids, Christmas has an extraordinary meaning. Because on this day, they will receive unexpected gifts from parents and Santa Claus.

From these ideas, children’s Christmas musicals with words that speak to the mind of aspirations and fun melodies make them more interested.

Here is a collection of some good Christmas songs that many children loved over time.

Let’s see what those songs are!

Top 10 Best Children’s Christmas Musicals – Here They Are!

1. A Tree Lot Christmas – Joining Jesus’ Family Tree

Referring to children’s Christmas musicals, we can’t help mentioning “A Tree Lot Christmas – Joining Jesus’ Family Tree”. This musical is created by Celeste and David T. Clydesdale and is one of the best Children’s Christmas Musicals ever. 

A Tree Lot Christmas - Joining Jesus' Family Tree

It includes 9 vibrant songs with a total length of 38 minutes. The musical’s script is about a group of kids selling Christmas trees for a charity near Mr. Carmichael’s store.

These kids then help Mr. Carmichael understand the true love of Christ for humanity and invite him to enjoy Christmas in God’s house.  With vibrant songs and a simple stage set, your kids will surely have happy moments at Christmas.

2. Follow The Star

Follow the star is a simple musical series arranged by Luke Gambill, Susie Williams, and David Ebensberger. The musical is a story of how Christmas originally began. Three wise men, also known as three Kings, followed stars on the sky to find the brightest one.

They got help from many people on their journey and were told about the birth of a very special baby in Bethlehem. Finally, they gathered in the town to meet the baby Jesus in a happy song. With engaging content and seven beautiful songs, Follow The Star is a perfect musical for 4 to 7-year-old kids.

3. Felix Finds Christmas

Felix Finds Christmas

Felix Finds Christmas is a humorous and touching Christmas musical arranged by Jeff Slaughter. The musical follows the story of Felix, an orphan who always hopes to have Christmas with his parents.

However, when he and his friends at the orphanage gearing up for a Christmas, he realizes that thanks to the birth of Jesus, they have a family to belong to. Combining a set of crazy-fun songs and a touching drama with God’s words, your kids will be interested in singing together.

4. Special Delivery

This Christmas, join in the adventures of the God Squad with Special Delivery! This musical is also arranged by David T. Clydesdale in which your children are invited to go with a delivery man who is sending special gifts to everyone in the Christmas story. 

Special Delivery is a Christmas music program for children from six to twelve years old. This musical includes a script with speaking parts and 12 kid-friendly music to share the story of Christ’s love coming to the earth. Each song helps children come closer to God’s heart and give them the confidence to declare his love.

5. Crazy, Busy, Peaceful, Holy Night Musical

This is a fun musical arranged by Dana and Jeff Anderson. It focuses on a family that is potentially missing the peace of God on Christmas day. These days, people are often extremely busy with so many things to do at Christmas time.

Crazy, Busy, Peaceful, Holy Night Musical

From shopping to partying, it makes everyone forget the Prince of Peace that was born on Christmas night. Thankfully, Jesus came to bring hope and peace to our world. This fun musical will certainly bring fun and excitement to your kids this Christmas!

6. A Red-Letter Christmas

Everything becomes more colorful on Christmas and your kids may sometimes ask the meaning of  Christmas items. A Red-Letter Christmas will be the perfect answer for those questions.  

The musical is the story of Jesus’s birth coming alive with many signature colors of Christmas day. The gold color of the ringing bells reminds us of the angel who announced Jesus’ birth.

The green color of the wreaths is also the hillside’s color where the shepherds watched their sheep on Christmas night. Finally, the red stripes on candy canes bring us to Jesus’s words in the Bible and his sacrifice to give us a happy life. With vibrant songs, the musical will take you on a journey through the colors of Christmas.

7. The Christmas Shoe Tree

The Christmas Shoe Tree


The Christmas Shoe Tree is arranged by Spencer Dalton, Jeff Slaughter, and Preston Dalton. It is designed to help educate, challenge, as well as inspiring your kids, your church and your community to truly make a difference, “one pair of shoes and one soul at a time”. 

They show God’s love in action as they collect shoes to give those in need all over the world. From one pair of shoes to hundreds of pairs for hundreds of souls. A set of delight Christmas songs will bring your kids exciting moments throughout the story.

8. Star Of Wonder

Arranged by Jayme Thompson and Dave Clark, Star of Wonder is one of the most popular musicals for children on Christmas day. Your kids will be joining in a heavenly setting with a lot of stars. They are excited to welcome the birth of Jesus.

This a nice musical with delightful Christmas songs which are easy-to-learn and easy-to-perform for your children.  Most importantly, you can let your kids choir shine the light of Jesus like never before with this exciting Christmas musical.

9. “It All Happened In The Country” Musical

It All Happened in the Country is a widely-loved children’s musical for Christmas from the successful writing team of Nan Allen and Dennis. It has been performed in many churches and become a favorite musical not only for children but also for adults over the years.

The “city kids” Daniel and Chelsea get stuck in the countryside and find out that there is more to Christmas than the bustle of decorations and presents.

“It All Happened In The Country” Musical

With the help of lovely friends, they learned the story of Christ’s birth and how it all happened in the countryside of Bethlehem. This musical will not only bring you moments of joy but also extremely meaningful on Christmas day.

10. For The Glory Of The King

For the Glory of the King is a fun-filled story of discovering why we worship Jesus. In addition, it reminds us of the importance of Christmas and encourages the spirit of worship in our hearts.

Your kid may wonder what presents he will receive for Christmas? And it’s the same question that the main character in For The Glory Of The King concerned about.

However, his friends help him to realize the true meaning of Christmas day in the end. The musical with five exciting songs and four scenes will surely be a wonderful suggestion for your children.

Final Thoughts

Children’s Christmas musicals are always a great choice, bringing lots of fun and laughter to your children when Christmas comes.

This is also an opportunity for parents to help their children relax, stimulate intelligence development, learn many exciting things that beautiful messages that these songs convey.

We wish your children and your family a warm and peaceful Christmas!


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