The Most Fantastic Broadway Shows For Children

Broadway Shows For Children

Whether living in New York or simply a tourist, you might have heard of Broadway shows as they are very popular attractions to the audience of all ages.

But when it comes to finding a suitable one for your children, especially if you are newcomers, it can be troublesome considering their taste, their available time, and so many more.

But take it easy, here we are to inform you about some Broadway shows for children so that you don’t have to meaninglessly waste your precious time in New York.

Broadway Shows For Children Under 10 Years Old

For children of this age, I will only give you some entertaining and live-action suggestions to ensure that these will put a smile on your child’s face at the end of the show!


Location: New Amsterdam Theatre


If your kids are big fans of Aladdin, this show will be a great choice. Children can surely catch up with the storyline because it is pretty slow. Besides, they can enjoy exclusively added new features comparing to the original cartoon version.

The characters are funny and appealing enough to hold their interest throughout the show. It also satisfies the young audience with great costumes and effects like Arabian-styled houses, magics of the genie, animals walking along the aisle and even giant Jafar at the end of the story.

Surprisingly, they actually make a carpet fly! Can you believe it? Seeing a carpet flying around will be an unforgettable memory for every kid coming for the show, I bet.


-You’d better watch movies before going to the theatre.

-Booking tickets in the matinee is also recommended.


Location: St. James Theatre



Needless to say, Frozen is an outrageously successful cartoon movie of Walt Disney animation. It has taken the whole world audience by storm. And now theatre-goers can watch it live with insane effects from Elsa’s sparkling dresses, trolls, real Olaf to snow and even ice bridge.

All the plots and twists are kept intact and the oscar winner song “Let it go” together with other favorites songs is also brought on the Broadway stage. Thus, I can ensure you that your children will have a whale of a time here.


  • Recommended age is 8 but if your underaged child wants to see his/her favorite character live, just be free to take him/her to the theatre as your kid is not the only one!

The Lion King

Location: Minskoff Theatre

The Lion King

The work based on the cartoon hit of the same name begins with a monumental stage “The circle of life” with animals of all kinds kneeling before the future lion king, Simba – the newborn child of Mufasa and Sarabi.

What a majestic scene! I believe that this scene not only feasts the eyes but also brings a sense of solemnity to all the audience. The Lion King show can please even the most aesthetically demanding adults, let alone children.

This show would be perfectly suitable for kids who develop a predilection for animals as the setting of the play including songs and costumes brings to the audience some kind of lively African vibe, thus enabling their imagination to run wild.


  • The show is still in vogue so remember to book your ticket in advance and watch the film before to get the best experience.

Broadway Shows For Children Over 10 Years Old

From this part, I will introduce to you some works having greater layers of meaning so your growing-up children can learn something from these shows. So let’s get started!

Mean Girl

Location: August Wilson Theatre

Mean Girl

The story of this show revolves around interesting stories of a girl who begins to get familiar with a new high-school life in America.

Soon after becoming a part of The Plastics-a group of richest and coolest girls in the school, Cady loses her naivety, gets into bad habits and turns from a nerd to a “mean girl”.

As the show describes changes in emotion and thinking of a teenage girl, it not only makes the audience laugh out loud but also is a chance for same-aged boys and girls to know more about themselves, about people at their age!


  • The recommended age: 12
  • Including some raunchy sex joke

Come From Away

Location: Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre

Come From Away

“Irresistible and inspiring. It’s a musical that gets everything right” The compliment from The Times along with 4 Oliver awards is the solid guarantee for the quality of the show.
It was inspired by the story back to 11/9/2001 when a notoriously horrific event of terrorism took place, the whole airspace system of America was shut down and about 7,000 people all over the world got stuck in Canada.

Miraculous enough, a hospitable Canadian town called Newfoundland had comforted and taken care of all the stranded outsiders. Remarkably, the town’s residence had doubled in size after just one night!

So, don’t be put off by the terrorist event. This incredibly emotional story in a Broadway version accompanied by music will be a fantastic and wonderful experience for young adults, reaffirming their hope in kindness and compassion of humanity.


  • The minimum age allowed: 10

To Kill A Mockingbird

Location: Shubert Theatre

To Kill A Mockingbird

Based on the classic work of Harper Lee, this non-musical show, brilliantly remade by Aaron Sorkin with a slight change in the narration to suit the medium, is a must-see for the novel’s fans.

The extraordinarily successful show concisely delivers humane messages through the lonely fight of an altruistic and fearless lawyer against all the prejudices and rudeness from the whole society during the 1930s in America.

And believe me, don’t hesitate to book a ticket because it’s will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


  • Due to its length and deep meaning, I only recommend it for the high-schoolers.
  • Reading the novel will definitely enhance the experience.

In conclusion

Above are the worth-seeing Broadway shows for your children. Now you can be more comfortable in choosing one suitable for your kids without worrying about your busy working and traveling schedule. I hope you enjoy it and have a really good Broadway experience in NYC!

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