Best Cast Recordings Musicals To Own On Vinyl

Best Cast Recordings Musicals To Own On Vinyl

Like Rock, musical entertainment makes a revival for vinyl. New shows like Hamilton and Fun Home and revivals of classics like Hello Dolly once limited to a handful of theater nerds!

Cast recordings of Broadway are also the perfect way of re-experiencing classic works in musical theatre. You should use a record player with built-in speakers to enjoy most of the value of the cast recordings vinyl.

Here we categorized our favorite original cast recordings from Broadway — don’t name it “soundtracks” for the film!

Hamilton (2015)

Hamilton (2015)

If the ultimate aim of a grand cast album is to get you to play it over and over, to memorize the words and to sing, loud and proud, to make you want to be part of the band. Earwormy, the journey is never-ending, path-by-path, pulling you into the hopes and aspirations of immigrant mystic Alexander Hamilton

Hamilton is not only the top album on this chart, but the length of time it took for this position to be attained is by far the most significant.

The Hamilton Broadway cast album reached 2x multi-platinum status only a year after its release; the nearest among all other albums was The Phantom of the Opera, which took four years to reach the double status in Platinum.

The Hamilton Double CD is one of the best preservations of the show created by Roots creator Questlove.

The performance, which is brilliantly arranged by Alex Lacamoire, is almost completely astonishing, and you want to read along with the thick, rhym-drunk lyrics: it takes a few spins before you dare to shadow Daveed Diggs on the language-filled, ‘Washington on your side.’

It makes you want to rage and dance and then weep.

Naturally, Hamilton was a fantastic Tony winner and won the Pulitzer Drama Prize. An American in Paris, Nice House, The King and I and Something Rotten were defeated!

To also receive a Grammy. To date, the song has been certified as 6x multi-platinum, and will scale all other Billboard casts by more than 2 million!

Wicked (2003)

Wicked (2003)

Wicked is the latest performance on the top-seller list on Broadway since its inauguration in October 2003.

This Blockbuster Prequel for The Wizard of Oz is more than “Defying Gravity,” even though this track levitates thousands.

Like the pop-flavored music Stephen Swartz has made since Godspell and Pippin, Wicked ‘s music has a wonderful whimsical nature, beautifully subdued by intricate witty lyrics (“Because people here are absurdly focused on their verdigri”).

Schwartz often served in winks for the famous Oz album “Over Rainbow” (check out “The Wizard and I”‘s notes behind the word unlimited).

Kristin Chenoweth as Galinda and Idina Menzel as Elphaba is no less responsible for the success of the record. Both women are at the height of their power: exquisite divas spinning a potent spell.

The cast recording, with vocals from Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth, has also won a Grammy award on the Multi-Platinum list, beat albums from Broadway Assassins, Avenue Q, The Kid From Oz, and Wonderful City productions.

The Phantom Of The Opera, Original London Cast (1986)

The Phantom Of The Opera, Original London Cast

Phantom is Broadways longest-running show in history by a considerable margin – it only reached 12,000 events – and is now the commercially most profitable stage production ever with an annual world-wide turnover of over $5 billion.

It is also a loser of Grammy which lost to the album Les Misérables’ Broadway, which was written the same year as Phantom’s London recording.

Gypsy (1959)

Gypsy (1959)

Before Kris Jenner or Dinah Lohan, there was Rose, the supreme “Momager” and impossible hero of this Steven Sondheim film, based on the memories of stripper Gypsy Rose Lee.

Ethel Merman will take the stage as Mama Rose, belting “Keep Coming Up Flowers” and “You’re Never Coming Away From Me,” attempting to steal the spotlight, but Sandra Church is like Louise, grows from the modest (“Little Lamb”) to the brazen (“Let Me Entertain You”) who does this heavy lifting.

And though the ending will be debated in every case — does Louise reconnect with her mother, or does Rose lose her own stardom dreams? — The argument isn’t about how to last with this album as a great piece of musical theatre, a comprehensive collection of top musicians that alternate effortlessly between passion and contemplation. If you feel passive-aggressive, buy a copy for your mum.

Chicago (1975)

Chicago (1975)

Murder, jazz, catastrophic women, Bob Fosse … what else would you like to see in a musical?

Centered on two actual murders in the Prohibition era, John Kander ‘s show offers an equal share of wide numbers to both Roxie Hart (Gwen Verdon) and Velma Kelly (Chita Rivera) from Velma’s proud plea (“I Can’t Do It Solo”) Roxie ‘s eponymous stardom imaginations, which decline to reduce them to a very sweet album, even for the smallest reason, leaving it to Amos Hart (Barney Martin).

This recording gets bonus points for the use of Billy Flynn, a slick-as-sin lawyer by the “Razzle Dazzle” and “They All Grabbed For the Pistol.” But even the two warring stars can not get the entire show, and even if this is just the third show, this really brings the house down by the Cell Block Tango.

Annie (1977)

Annie (1977 Original Broadway Cast)

For a musical about an orphan orphans were mistreated in the aftermath of the Great Depression, Annie is a continuously up-and-coming musical from “It’s a Hard KnockLife” through”I Hope I Am Gon na Like It Here “and even a reckless, big-easy-inflected” Easy Street.”

Part of the musical has not been well aged, namely, “NYC’s” line “enough drivers of cab replying back / only,” but one of the six ingénues who dreamt about “maybe” belting out in their high-school performances still had a girl who would secretly play Miss Hannigan, only to sing a true crowd-pleaser, “Little People,” for the display.

My Fair Lady, Original London Cast Recording (1959)

My Fair Lady, Original London Cast Recording

It’s not surprising you possibly place My Fair Lady high on the list of bestselling cast recordings, but it is noteworthy that three years after the Broadway release, the London release of the show has reached record volume.

In the Broadway and London premieres, Star Julie Andrews, Rex Harrison, and Stanley Holloway recorded albums on each cast, but only London ‘s performance was recorded in the stereo. There has become a milestone for their appearances since, well above the last mono-recording of Broadway.

A Gentleman’s Guide To Love And Murder (2014)

A Gentleman’s Guide To Love And Murder (2014)

The influenced and ingenious score of composer Steven Lutvak is based on Gilbert & Sullivan’s operetta and the English music hall for this very blustering comedy.

Our unfortunate hero (Bryce Pinkham) finds his ninth place in line with his earthly life and planned to kill him. Lutvak and Robert L. Freedman, his co-lyricist, glid through classical songs – waltz, barcarole, polonaise – and infuse the profoundly beautiful music with clever, mischievous texts.

The soprano Lauren Worsham is a celestial opera soprano, while poor Phoebe and Jefferson Mays, like himself, rob from the video in an aristocratic gallery of rogues, twits, ogres and harridans.

A Chorus Line, Original Broadway Cast (1975)

A Chorus Line, Original Broadway Cast

Until 1997, A Chorus Line was surpassed by Cats, It was Broadway’s longest-running performance with a 6,137 run lasting almost 15 years. While it was only revived once in Broadway, it still remains a successful and often-produced musical worldwide.

The production won nine Tony Awards in 1976, including the best musical and the Pulitzer Drama Prize in 1976. The song lost the best Grammy Award to The Wiz show record.

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