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Does A DJ Mixer Replace An Audio Interface?

In this blog post, we will explore the question of can a DJ mixer replace an audio interface. This is a common question that arises for those who are looking to purchase a new piece of equipment and want to know what is going to be most useful for them. There can be various reasons as to why you may need one or the other, depending on your specific needs. In order to answer this […]

Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra Review
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Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra Review

The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra is a community of ukulele enthusiasts who meet regularly to play and teach others how to play. 
They have featured radio stations such as Radio New Zealand National, TV One’s Good Morning Show, and The Crowd Goes Wild on Sky Sports. They have also had some international success with performances in Mexico and Taiwan with their DIY ukulele kit.
This Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra review will explore some of the authentic […]

Best Cast Recordings Musicals To Own On Vinyl
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Best Cast Recordings Musicals To Own On Vinyl

Like Rock, musical entertainment makes a revival for vinyl. New shows like Hamilton and Fun Home and revivals of classics like Hello Dolly once limited to a handful of theater nerds!
Cast recordings of Broadway are also the perfect way of re-experiencing classic works in musical theatre. You should use a record player with built-in speakers to enjoy most of the value of the cast recordings vinyl.
Here we categorized our favorite original cast recordings from […]

Broadway Shows For Children
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The Most Fantastic Broadway Shows For Children

Whether living in New York or simply a tourist, you might have heard of Broadway shows as they are very popular attractions to the audience of all ages.
But when it comes to finding a suitable one for your children, especially if you are newcomers, it can be troublesome considering their taste, their available time, and so many more.
But take it easy, here we are to inform you about some Broadway shows for children so that […]

musical theatre pianist
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How To Be A Good Musical Theatre Pianist

How to be a good musical theatre pianist? Are they natural-born talents or simply hard-working? What are the necessary qualities and requirements?” Those are probably the most commonly asked questions of any amateur musical theatre pianists at the beginning of their career
But first things first, don’t confuse a theatre pianist with a classical or rock pianist as each type requires different skill sets! Apart from being super sensitive and flexible, a theater pianist […]

children's christmas musicals
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Best Children’s Christmas Musicals Ever

For kids, Christmas has an extraordinary meaning. Because on this day, they will receive unexpected gifts from parents and Santa Claus.

From these ideas, children’s Christmas musicals with words that speak to the mind of aspirations and fun melodies make them more interested.

Here is a collection of some good Christmas songs that many children loved over time.

Let’s see what those songs are!

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The Mikado – Lyric Opera REVIEW

Lyric Opera of Chicago
The Mikado
by W. S. Gilbert & Arthur Sullivan

By Lori Dana
If it’s an operetta, it must be holiday time at Lyric. This year’s musical sugarplum is that beloved Victorian chestnut, Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Mikado.  Given a gorgeous art deco makeover by British designer Mark Thompson, this version is set in 1922.

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SOFA / Chicago 2008 – Streams of Artistic Consciousness

By Val Lyle
(preface by Venus Zarris)
Val Lyle is a gifted and renowned sculptor and art educator. VAL LYLE : Figurative Sculpture, Gestural Art, Paper Clay
We went to art college together a couple of decades ago and have remained beloved friends over these past 20+ years. I received some prepress about SOFA and forwarded it to Val, as she had attended in the past and I knew that she would be interested. This facilitated an […]

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Images of a Haunting Stage

Chicago is filled with storied of haunted places and haunted theaters. From tiny black boxes to lavish, large scale venues, stories are told of strange occurrences. The old Iroquois, Biograph and Music Box Theaters all have chilling stories, both real life and supernatural. I am sure that there are folks out there with spooky tales to tell about Chicago’s decaying Uptown Theater. But more so than hauntED, this enchanting old movie palace proves to be […]

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Theater endeavors to take us on trips where few have traveled, covering subjects that few dares speak of. One of the most exotic destinations and taboo topics is that of the VAGINA. The mere mention of the word can strike fear, stupefaction, and excitement, oftentimes simultaneously. Every culture ‘handles’ it differently and every family approaches or avoids, it in their own unique way.