Chicago Theater is the last bastion of a collaborative artistic community in this country. It consistently strives to create work for the sake of artistic, social, political and emotional expression, rather than manufacturing formulaic product. There are well over 200 companies engaged in some stage of production at any given time. 

The work that is produced in Chicago is as diverse as the individuals involved in its creation. It can be entertaining, enlightening, profound, sophomoric, ridiculous, remarkable, problematic, captivating, challenging, absurd and/or incredible. Any number of superlatives and occasionally a few negatives can apply to the plays produced here but the efforts behind the productions are always Herculean and the contributions they make to the body politic of this city and the collective consciousness of this country are incalculable.  

“I believe that in a great city, or even a small city or village, a great theater is the outward and visible sign of an inward and probable culture.” Sir Laurence Olivier 

If this is true then Chicago is indeed one of the greatest cities as it is the home for several great theaters. 

It is not coincidental that while the ancient Greeks were escalating the disciplines of philosophy, science, mathematics, politics, poetry, architecture, art, geography, astronomy and laying the foundation for what we recognize in the West as civilization, theater was also experiencing unprecedented development, relevance and respectability. Theater directly aided and abetted this profound cultural development. We need its influence now more than ever. 

And on this website we discuss, exchange about classical musical great stage productions. In addition, there are opera songs for musical singers, opera singers, and basic terminology techniques on stage. 

Hope you, especially young people, respect the classic values ​​and support us. 

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