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ELDER GODS opening @ The Davis

ELDER GODS DreamLogic Theatreworks is known for creating exhilarating performance events at the bleeding-edge of live entertainment. Now, inspired by modern horror’s greatest innovator, DreamLogic presents its most provocative event yet: H.P. Lovecraft’s ELDER GODS. Presented by DreamLogic Theatreworks February 10 – March 3, 2012 @ The Davis 620 Davis Street, Evanston Show Type: Drama/Horror DreamLogic Presents ELDER GODS

Art Imitating Life. Life Imitating Lovecraft?

By Venus Zarris Over the years I have had some unusual coincidences while viewing theater. I prefer to go into a production knowing as little about it as possible. That way, there are fewer preconceived notions affecting the experience. Here are three aspects of H. P. Lovecraft’s story The Dreams In The Witch House that I was unaware of until… (more…)

Illustrating Dramatic Horror

By Venus Zarris A wonderfully created poster illustration can conjure a vividly realized atmosphere before you even stop foot into a theater. This is the case with the poster design created by Charlie Athanas for WildClaw Theatre’s production of The Dreams In The Witch House.  The play’s director, Charley Sherman, wanted something dark and nightmarish and he got it with Athanas’s hauntingly… (more…)

The Dreams in the Witch House – REVIEW

By Venus Zarris WildClaw Theatre delivers a hauntingly atmospheric world premiere of The Dreams in the Witch House. Adapted from H. P. Lovecraft’s 1933 short story, it tells the eerie tale of a student who leaves home for college only to find himself in a strange town with dark and deadly secrets. WildClaw Theatre is dedicated to presenting horror on stage… (more…)