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Evanston, Which Is Over There opening @ Side Project Theatre

Evanston, Which Is Over There This two-act comedy takes place in the wilds of Chicago ‘s Rogers Park – its beaches, coffee shops, and non-working elevator buildings where writer Henry Moore is passing out and falling in love all over the place. His friends — BB, a decisive drunk, and Hank, a rhythmically-challenged ukulele player — seek remedies, including miniature… (more…)

The Buzz That Is the Buzz opening @ Prop Theatre

The Buzz That Is the Buzz Fringe veteran Beau O’Reilly collaborates with the British playwright William Shakespeare on a tragic-comic tale of curiosity and betrayal, in which minds are altered by ‘theMightyMindBlow’, delusion leads to murder and a film-noir-like quest for revenge, with stops along the way for the perfect map and a new view of love. Presented by Curious… (more…)

The 21st Annual Rhinoceros Theater Festival opening @ Prop Theatre

The 21st Annual Rhinoceros Theater Festival Chicago’s longest-running, last-standing fringe festival is back in its 21st year, presenting a wild variety of fresh new solo performance, live art, avant-garde theater and experimental music. Curious Theatre Branch has curated a one-month marathon of performances for 2010, with new original works by some of Chicago’s most compelling theater artists, including: Chris Bower,… (more…)

Two Plays by Beau O’Reilly opening @ Center Portion

Curious Theatre Branch presents two new plays by Beau O’Reilly, starring Guy Massey, Kelly Ann Corcoran and Kate Teichman, with live musical accompaniment by Curious co-founder Jenny Magnus and guests Sofie Senard and Julian Berke. In DEAD TO THE WORLD, a love-lost, grief-stricken dish washer finds women at every turn: the hotel lobby, the Clark Street bus, the wind-blown trains… (more…)