Paradise Park opening @ Luna Central

Paradise Park

Adapted by M. Litwicki and Jonathen Wikholm
Directed by Ashley-Marie Quijano

Adapted from Charles Mee’s play of the same name, Odradek’s Paradise Park is an exploration of life, civilization, relationships, and the possibility of invisible creators, but mirrored through an ersatz “paradise” world that advertises itself as an amusement park. For a modest ticket price, anyone can escape to an expanding universe of worlds and lands to satisfy any interests and desires, where everything is free, anything is obtainable, and travel doesn’t involve the TSA. Most guests only buy their single or family passes planning a brief visit, but the appeal of a world without problems, pain, or stress becomes too appealing. Or, heading back into the real world becomes too intimidating. However, as in the real world, humans in Paradise Park are too complex to complacently enjoy bliss, and they bring their problems with them or create new ones. As complications pursue, the visitors escape further and further into the park, inevitably becoming lost and confused, and seemingly trapped.

This production of Paradise Park will be a promenade staging, where no one will be exempt from interaction. Limited seats will be available by request or first-come-first-serve for the disabled, elderly, or those in need of a seat. For everyone else, our stage is everyone’s space; where the audience will be free to sit, stand, and explore the entirety of the park, following our characters along their journey.

Presented by Odradek Theatre Company

Through May 5, 2012

@ Luna Central

3914 N Clark Street, Chicago

Show Type: Drama

TICKETS: Paradise Park

Odradek Theatre Company

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