Illustrating Trap Door : Incomparable Design Capturing Incomparable Theatre

By Venus Zarris

As consistently as Trap Door Theatre creates and captures otherworldly absurdity, (on delicate, bombastic, poignant and profound levels) Graphic Designer and Photographer Michal Janicki captures Trap Door.

He portrays the garishly macabre, intimately haunting, lusciously lusty and preposterously whimsical kaleidoscope that is Trap Door Theater with a visual esthetic and palate as chaotically deliberate and emotionally evocative as the company itself. Seldom has the collaboration of visual artist and theatrical company been so completely in sync. It is as if his art is an organic extension of their theater and their theater is an organic extension of his art.

Production after production, this artistic relationship has created a creative dialogue that brilliantly and beautifully informs, illuminates and inspires both parties.

It seems a daunting task to visualize the feel and themes of productions that are so ambiguously thought provoking. Yet time after time Janicki’s visual realization is dead on.

Michal Janicki provides incredible visual keys to these chaotically spellbinding stories and his work is as uncanny and unique as the Trap Doors that they unlock. 

michal janicki               Trap Door Theatre

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