Hannukatz The Musical opening @ National Pastime Theater

Hannukatz The Musical

Hannukatz The Musical is a totally new spin on Dreidl Days as presented by the tie-dyed Meowmulkah-sporting title character on his Hannukah-eve visit to the Skokie-based Moskowitz family’s Hannukah-hating kids. Self-described in his Jerry Lee Lewis-inspired theme song as “a catnippy, kinda trippy, chocolate chippy old hippie,” Hannukatz is armed with an arsenal of rousing Hannukarols like “Do the Chhhh,” “No Jews Allowed,” and “Hannukah is Not the Jewish Christmas.” Grammy-winner Abrahamson (book/lyrics) and collaborator Michael Carlson (music) bring the audience into the musical world with “Make a Chhhhh” contest and the sing-along battle hymn the “Open-a-Can-of-Potch-in-Tuchas (the kosher equivalent of opening a can of Whoop-Ass) March.”

Dec 2 – Dec 31, 2011

@ National Pastime Theater

4139 N. Broadway, Chicago

Show Type: Musical

Box Office: 773-327-7077

National Pastime Theater

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